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Sustainability best practice

Desiree helps companies navigate the over demanding world of ESG with a balanced and first principles approach. She advises on governance and organizational structures, regulatory compliance, data collection, reporting, product development, engagement. Crucially, she helps with clear communications and disclosures in light of the very polarized ESG landscape.



Desiree helps companies and investors spot and prevent what may be considered greenwashing in products, labels, strategies and statements. With ESG regulation and enforcement actions greatly on the rise, many companies are having to urgently re-assess the integrity of their products and services and public statements to ensure full and accurate disclosure


Blended Finance

Drawing on extensive deal-making experience, Desiree advises and helps structure blended finance transactions - the use of concessionary funds from the public sector and foundations to mobilize private sector investment into impact strategies. Focused on scale, she advocates for the use of standardized capital markets structures and more efficient engagement between the public and private sectors.


Whistleblowing and speaking up

Desiree’s whistleblowing action sent shockwaves throughout the finance industry, catalyzing efforts to tackle greenwashing. She poignantly shares this cautionary yet inspirational story that goes beyond the call for clearer ESG disclosures to emphasize the power of speaking up to drive meaningful change.


Years of Experience


Speaking Engagements


As Featured

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"Red Flag Indicator Framework for AI Greenwashing Detection Tool"

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